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George Williams III is one of America's best selling authors. He writes about hot springs, prostitution in the West, Mark Twain's life in the West, ghost towns, outlaws, the music business and how to clean up your bad credit. New books by George are NEVADA HOT SPRINGS, the complete guide to Nevada's recreational hot springs and EASTERN SIERRA HOT SPRINGS, copyright Tree By The River Publishing Trust. Hot Springs

This web site sells books now copyrighted by George's son, Michael Williams. George autographs and inscribes each book.

George has written fourteen books. He launched his writing career with his first best seller, Rosa May: The Search For a Mining Camp Legend, the true story of a mining camp prostitute and madam. George's books have won critical acclaim in the Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, the Library Journal and other national and international book reviewing publications.

George has been nominated for the Commonwealth of California Literary Award. His book, Mark Twain: His Life in Virginia City, Nevada, was selected as a nominee for the Pulitzer Prize in Letters. Mark Twain in The West

His controversial book In the Last of the Wild West, exposed the murders of brothel prostitutes in infamous Storey County, Nevada and the cover-up of the murders by Nevada state officials. Prostitution

His popular book, On the Road with Mark Twain in California and Nevada, details Mark Twain's years in the West, 1861-68, and is the completion of George's four part Mark Twain in the West Series. Mark Twain in The West

George has written a series of hot spring guides to California and Nevada hot springs. Hot Springs

Though George predominantly writes non-fiction about the American West, he has written a book about today's music business, The Songwriter's Demo Manual and Success Guide and a book on how to clean-up your bad credit, Repair Your Credit. Repair Your Credit

Today George is listed in Who's Who In America, Who's Who in the West, Who's Who of Emerging Leaders In America and Who's Who in the World. And you'll find George's books in Books In Print at most libraries and book stores.

Take a look at the books in this site. Once you've found a title that interests you, just Click to order. George will be delighted to personally autograph and inscribe your book. fo ryourself or friends and family. This Trust will ship your order right away.

George is often invited to speak on subjects he's written about, and on writing and publishing. If you would like George to speak to your group or class, call George at

1(775) 750-8646 or E-mail George at georgewilliamsiii@yahoo.com.

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