Prostitution In The West Prostitution in the West

Prostitution in the West

"Both stories--Rosa May's and the author's--are told in a rich, deeply personal and yet scholarly work of regional history." The Los Angeles Times Book Review

New! 2nd Revised Edition Rosa May: The Search For A Mining Camp Legend,

This is the true story of George's search to uncover the life of a notorious 19th century Western American mining camp prostitute and madam. George discovered Rosa May's outcast grave at Bodie, California, once a famous gold mining town, today a California State Park. During nearly four years of research George managed to unearth Rosa May's life from old newspapers, interviews with old timers, and Federal, state and county records. George landed a major find when he discovered Rosa May's 26 letters written more than a century earlier. The letters revealed the mystery of Rosa May's life as a prostitute and madam in the mining camps of the last century. This book is in Kinsey Sex Institute library.192 pages, 30 rare photographs, 26 personal letters. This new edition has new photos, new information and new text. Copyright Tree By The River Publishing Trust.
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"Rare photos, maps and letters from prostitutes, madams and lovers spark this treatise on the world's oldest profession as practiced in the richest mining town in the West in the late nineteenth century." True West

The Redlight Ladies of Virginia City, Nevada

This is an informative study of the prostitutes and madams who worked the silver mining town of Virginia City, Nevada in its heyday, 1860-1900. Today Virginia City is a National Historic Site visited by millions each year, and the setting for the popular "Bonanza" television series . More than 300 women worked Virginia City's three redlight districts during the mining boom years. George tells their stories and shows the reader their everyday lives, caste system and tragic deaths. The book is based on newspaper reports of the day, Federal and county records. Includes the story of Julia Bulette, a kind hearted prostitute who helped the needy and was murdered, and the stories of madams Jessie Lester and Cad Thompson. Also includes personal letters from prostitutes, madams and others. This book is in the Kinsey Sex Institute library. 48 pages, 36 historic photgraphs, guide maps for travelers. Copyright Tree By The River Publishing Trust.
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In the Last of the Wild West
A true story. Tired of life in southern California, George moved his family to Virginia City, Storey County, Nevada where legal brothels and gambling ran wide open. County sheriffs and politicians were bought-off by the "pimp," an ex-felon brothel owner, tied to the Mafia, who defrauded county elections and had his enemies murdered. George started up a little newspaper and began attacking the pimp's control of county and state officials. George was told to shut up or he would be killed. George fought back in an intense investigation which exposed the murders of prostitutes, corruption, and white slavery. This book eventually led to the indictment and conviction of a county official and the downfall of the pimp. 272pages. Copyright Tree By The River Publishing Trust.
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