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DIRECT MAIL ORDERS To order autographed and inscribed books, please print this page, fill in the Order Form and mail it with a check or money order. DON'T FORGET TO INCLUDE PAYMENT WITH YOUR ORDER. MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO: TBR Trust

SHIPPING For faster shipping, orders may be shipped by Priority Mail and overnight delivery by Federal Express. See below. Otherwise, all orders are shipped book rate postage. If you have questions, call Edie Williams at 1 (775) 750-8646

Order Form
Send me and those I name below the following books, personally autographed by George Williams III : 

My Name___________________________________________
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Also inscribe books to:

___Copy(ies) Hot Springs of Northern California, 2nd revised edition $12.95 Quality Paperback
___Copy(ies) Eastern Sierra Hot Springs $12.95 Quality Paperback
___Copy(ies) Nevada Hot Springs $12.95 Quality Paperback
___Copy(ies) Hot Springs of the Eastern Sierra, Quality Paperback, $10.95
___Copy(ies) In the Last of the Wild West, 2nd revised edition $12.95 Quality Paperback
___Copy(ies) Rosa May: The Search For A Mining Camp Legend, 2nd Revised Ed., $12.95 Quality Paperback.
___Copy(ies) The Redlight Ladies of Virginia City, 2nd Revised ed., $7.95 Quality Paperback
___Copy(ies) The Guide to Bodie, $12.95 Quality Paperback
___Copy(ies) Virginia City: Its History, Its Ghosts, $10.95 Quality Paperback
___Copy(ies) The Murders at Convict Lake, $5.95 Quality Paperback
___Copy(ies) Mark Twain: His Adventures at Aurora, $8.95 Quality Paperback
___Copy(ies) Mark Twain: His Life In Virginia City, Nevada, $11.95 Quality Paperback
___Copy(ies) Mark Twain and the Jumping Frog, $10.95 Quality Paperback
___Copy(ies) On the Road with Mark Twain In California and Nevada, $14.95  
___Copy(ies) The Songwriter's Demo Manual and Success Guide, $16.95 Hardback
___Copy(ies) REPAIR  YOUR  CREDIT $16.95.
___Copy(ies) Virginia City: Its History, Its Ghosts $10.95 Quality Paper.

How did you find this site?
___Link from another site? Which site?______________
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How do want your books shipped?
___Please ship by U.S. Postal Service book rate, $3 for the first book, $1 each additional book.
___Please ship via Priority Mail, $6.00 for first book $1each additional
___Please ship via Fed Ex for overnight delivery, $21.

Total for books and shipping: $_________              
                                                                                                            Please pay and mail your order to:

                                                                                  TBR Trust  
                                                                                                              P.O. Box 20703-AB  
                                                                                                              Carson City, Nevada 89721
                                                                                                              Phone 1 (775) 750-8646


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