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How to make an inexpensive demo tape and how to use it to sell
songs and land recording deals.

 "A valuable, well organized handbook and a cogent look at a tough show-business field...just may be the most helpful guide of its kind...could provide gifted novices with the ticket for success." Booklist

"...provides thorough technical information about home and studio production of a demo tape...the basic tool songwriters use to bring their creations to the attention of producers and record companies." Library Journal

Aspiring songwriters and recording artists finally have a practical guide to selling songs and landing recording deals with THE SONGWRITER'S DEMO MANUAL AND SUCCESS GUIDE. In this manual George teaches songwriters and groups how to make an inexpensive demo tape in the recording studio. The demo tape is the tool songwriters use to sell their songs or themselves.

As a recording studio owner, engineer and producer, George gives thorough, clear instruction on how to prepare a professional demo: choosing the right songs; rehearsing, arranging, finding an inexpensive recording studio, how to get free recording time, how to protect your songs, and much, much more.

With the professional demo in hand, George shows the songwriter how the music business operates, who the important people are, how to make contact with them and how to use the demo to sell songs and land a recording contract. This is the most useful guide on the market. Copyright Tree By The River Publishing Trust. Revised Edition. Illustrated with Extensive Appendix Price: $19.95      ISBN 0-935174-44-3 Click to order by mail

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