Mark Twain in the West Mark Twain in the West

Mark Twain in the West




"Williams does a masterful job...A real treat that deserves to be in every public library."
Library Journal
"The author recounts many little-known events in Twain's formative years."

"Williams' book is filled with excerpts, photographs, maps and running commentary as the author directs us to Twain's old haunts."
San Francisco Chronicle
"The pictures alone are worth the modest price..this is a good, lighthearted history and well worth a look."
True West

On The Road With Mark Twain in California and Nevada

Here is a handy guide to Mark Twain's haunts in California and Nevada during his stay in the West 1861-68. The author leads you to places where Twain lived and wrote and includes excerpts of Twain's early writings showing the step by step development of the famous author. Though Americans generally associate Mark Twain with Tom Sawyer and the Mississippi River, Samuel Clemens began his writing career as reporter for the Territorial Enterprise at Virginia City, Nevada in 1862. Contrary to Clemens' well told story about his curious pen name, "Mark Twain" had nothing to do with his life on the river and more to do with Twain's drinking habits while in Virginia City. Twain's Enterprise writings attracted wide attention on the Pacific Coast and helped establish Twain as a notorious West Coast writer and personality. Twain completed the manuscript of his first literary success, The Innocents Abroad, in San Francisco in 1868. The book launched Twain's literary career. 136 pages, guide maps, 100 Photos, Appendix, Index, Bibliography. AUTOGRAPHED BY THE AUTHOR.Copyright Tree By The River Publishing Trust. ISBN 978-0-935174-53-3. Quality paper Price: $14.95


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"Author Williams shows us how Clemens got his literary career off the ground." Bill Dalton, University of California, Riverside

Mark Twain and the Jumping Frog of Calaveras County

True story of Twain's discovery of "The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County," the publication of which launched his international career. Run out of Virginia City, Twain settled in San Francisco in May, 1864. He went to work as a reporter for the San Francisco Call. After five frustrating months, Twain quit and began hanging around with Bret Harte. When Twain posted bail for a friend who skipped town, Twain headed for Jackass Hill near Sonora. There Twain lived with his prospector friend Jim Gillis in a log cabin. At nearby Angel's Camp, Twain was told the Jumping Frog story by a bartender. Twain's version, published eleven months later, became an international hit. "The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County," is included in this book. 72 pages, index, bibliography, 35 historic photographs, and guide maps for travelers. AUTOGRAPHED BY THE AUTHOR. Copyright Tree By The River Publishing Trust
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"Mark Twain, the 'most lovable scamp and nuisance who ever blighted Nevada' has been well captured by George Williams who demonstrates an intimate understanding of Twain and his talented compatriots...lucidly and concisely presents revealing glimpses of Twain with his Enterprise intimates during his formative years in Nevada." The Californian

Selected as a nominee for the Pulitzer Prize in Letters

Mark Twain: His Life In Virginia City, Nevada, 2nd Revised Edition

A well researched account of Clemens' twenty-one months as reporter for the Territorial Enterprise in Virginia City, Nevada where Samuel Clemens adopted his pen name, Mark Twain. The text is based on recently discovered Twain letters, some published here for the first time, Twain's first newspaper writings and the recollections of men who worked with Twain in Nevada. While prospecting at Aurora, Clemens wrote a series of humorous letters and mailed them to the Enterprise, the leading West Coast paper. Impressed, editor Joe Goodman offered twenty-six year old Clemens his first full time writing job as a reporter. The job permanently changed Clemens' life and established him in his lifelong career as a serious writer and humorist. In Virginia City, Twain won notoriety as a humorist and character. Williams shows us the young Mark Twain was a fun loving troublemaker who drank too much, invented horrible murder stories and fled town after threatening a rival editor to a duel. 200 pages, index, bibliography, 60 rare photographs, guide maps for travelers. AUTOGRAPHED BY THE AUTHOR. Copyright Tree By The River Publishing Trust. Price: $11.95


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