Ghost Towns: Bodie, California and Virginia City, Nevada


"A wonderful account of the rise and fall of Bodie--
one of the West's most infamous gold mining towns."
Pasadena Star News

The Guide to Bodie and Eastern Sierra Historic Sites

An easy to read story of California's most famous gold mining town, today a California State Park. Contains information about neighboring mining camps: Mammoth Lakes, Lundy, Aurora and Lucky Boy, Nevada. Between 1879-82 Bodie was the most well known gold mining camp in the American West. Millions in gold were extracted from Bodie's mines in a few years. The town's wicked reputation attracted the worst characters. "Have we got a man for breakfast," was the first question of the morning. Victims of gun and knife fights fill Bodie's sagebrush covered Boot Hill Cemetery. Abandoned entirely in the 1930's, Bodie was made a California State Park in 1962. The ghost town is easily accessible from U.S. Highway 395 from Bridgeport, California. Bodie's weathered and worn buildings are kept in a state of "arrested decay" by the California State Parks Service. 90 pages, 100 photographs, maps bibliography. Copyright Tree By The River Publishing Trust.

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Virginia City: Its History, Its Ghosts by Phyllis Zauner

From 1860 to 1900, Virginia City, Nevada was considered the richest place on earth due to its vast deposits of silver and gold ore.At its peak 30,000 silver and gold crazed miners and speculators scoured the hills and mountains hoping to strike it rich. Famous men like Mark Twain and George Hearst, of the newspaper chain, came here and made their fortunes. Author Phyllis Zauner captures Virginia City in its heyday. 64 pages and lots of historic photos and illustrations.Copyright Tree By The River Publishing Trust.

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