Independent Bookstore Ordering Information

We participate in the ABA STOP plan.Our discount policy is:
    1 book 20%
    2 books 30%
    3 books and more 40%

Please print this order form, complete the information and mail it  with your pre-paid check to:

TBR Trust     P.O. Box 20703, Carson City, NV 89721 Phone1 (775) 750-8646

Please include $2.25 postage for the first book, $1.00 for each additional. 
Please make certain you check below for either autographed or non-autographed books.

Store Name__________________________________________
Purchase Order number_____________
Name of person ordering books:_____________________________
Your e-mail address__________
Your direct line phone number_________
___Yes, send autographed books.
___No, don't send books autographed..

___Copy(ies) Hot Springs of Northern California, $12.95 Quality Paperback
___Copy(ies)  Eastern Sierra Hot Springs, $12.95 Quality Paperback
___Copy(ies) Nevada Hot Springs, $12.95 Quality Paperback
___Copy(ies) In the Last of the Wild West, $12.95 Quality Paperback
___Copy(ies) Rosa May: The Search For A Mining Camp Legend,$12.95 Quality Paperback.
___Copy(ies) The Redlight Ladies of Virginia City, $6.95 Quality Paperback
___Copy(ies) The Guide to Bodie, $12.95 Quality Paperback
___Copy(ies) The Murders at Convict Lake, $4.95 Quality Paperback
___Copy(ies) Mark Twain: His Adventures at Aurora, $9.95 Quality Paperback
___Copy(ies) Mark Twain: His Life In Virginia City, Nevada, $12.95 Quality Paperback
___Copy(ies) Mark Twain and the Jumping Frog, $9.95 Quality Paperback
___Copy(ies) On the Road with Mark Twain In California and Nevada, $24.95 Hardback
___Copy(ies) The Songwriter's Demo Manual and Success Guide, $19.95
___Copy(ies) Repair Your Credit, $16.95___Copy(ies) Hot Springs of Northern California, $12.95 Quality Paperback

Total for books less discount_____
Total shipping______

Total enclosed in check______

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